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Talk Dirty To Me: Audio Erotica - SugarX

At SugarX we believe in appealing to all five senses. So, let’s talk about the sense of hearing for a moment.

Is there anything hotter than hearing your partner moan in pleasure? Hearing them tell you in great detail what they want to do to you or the shuddering of their breath as they give into pleasure? Maybe you like the idea of hearing a dirty story: the narrator describing the delicious, electric tension flowing between the characters while they slowly and teasingly remove their clothes. Maybe you like the idea of exploring fantasies of sleeping with your professor or your boss. Perhaps there is another fantasy or kink you would like to explore. Maybe you want to create a deeper connection with your sensual side. Maybe you just like to relax.

If any of the above applies to you, audio erotica has got you covered.

What is audio erotica? Audio erotica is sexually explicit and generally yummy audio. And to be very clear, audio erotica is not just for woman or people who identify as straight.

Audio erotica can encompass naughty stories, erotic ASMR, guided masturbation, role playing scenarios, meditations, recorded moaning and orgasms or dirty talk. Audio erotica is a great alternative to standard visual porn. You can find audio erotica for a variety of tastes, preferences, and desires.

Audio erotica provides the opportunity to focus on other dimensions of sexuality beyond visual imagery. Sex and arousal are complex and intricate. Audio erotica has the capacity to facilitate a nuanced exploration of these complexities and intricacies in a way that visual porn doesn’t.

To be clear, I love porn. Well, I love some porn. I love the porn I feel speaks to me, but it can be hard to find. So, it can sometimes take a while for me to find something that I enjoy. That is why I love what audio erotica brings to the table. Audio erotica feels more personal than standard porn. Without the distraction of imagery, you get to use your imagination to visualize the scene, making the scenarios more custom which in turn, makes them even hotter. Not to mention, with no screen to focus on you are free to direct your focus inward, allowing you to pay better attention to how you are physically and emotionally responding to the content you are experiencing.

I also love audio erotica for the diverse array of purposes it can serve. Audio erotica can provide sexual stimulation, offer a safe place to explore new desires and function as a great source of self-care.  Yes, you read correctly ----- self-care.

Guided masturbation sessions and erotic meditations are a great way to get in touch with your body and your sensuality if you have found it challenging to connect with that part of yourself. For those grappling with feelings of guilt or experiencing negative emotions concerning masturbation or sexual exploration, guided masturbation and erotic meditation is a great way to mitigate those negative emotions and imbue your erotic sessions with a celebratory and exciting tone. Erotic meditation and guided masturbation are great, constructive avenues for progressing towards a deeper connection with your sensual side. They allow for a healing, kind, self-paced, no pressure experience. There is something inherently supportive about guided masturbation and erotic meditation that make it a rewarding experience.

Leveraging audio erotica to explore fantasies and curiosities is another great use of this medium. Audio erotica allows you to immerse yourself directly in the scenario of your choice. In this regard, I find audio erotica more exciting than standard porn. The immersive quality of audio erotica also allows for a fun way to do an initial exploration of a fantasy before deciding to explore it further in real life, should you be so inclined.

Not to mention, audio erotica is also a great way to unwind. Getting lost in fantasy, taking a moment to focus on your body and/or having an earth-shattering orgasm are all undeniable tension relievers.

Where to listen to audio erotica?

Keeping privacy in mind, why not occasionally switch off from your usual true crime podcast to indulge in some filth when you need a little adventure in your day? Listen while you commute, while you masturbate, while you wind down for bed, while you take a long bath, when you are getting ready to go out, etc…

Where to find audio erotica?

There are a ton of different places to find audio erotica. The quick and dirty list below features just a few examples and is in no way conclusive.

Quinn – One of my favorite apps for audio erotica!



Redditt – r/gonewildaudio



The brain is the most powerful sex organ. Put your imagination to good use. You’ll be glad you did.

Happy listening!



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