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Mercer Padded Ankle Cuffs

Mercer Padded Ankle Cuffs

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Introducing an experience that binds pleasure with sophistication. The Mercer Padded Leather Ankle Cuffs by Liberator Leather guide you into a realm where restraint meets lavish comfort. Discover the delicate balance between liberation and connection in every intimate moment.

Envision an opulent setting bathed in twilight hues. A soft rhythm plays in the background as one partner, with a sly, anticipative smile, delicately fastens the Mercer Padded Ankle Cuffs onto the other. The tethered connection adds an electrifying tension to the atmosphere with each step. The room becomes a stage for an intimate ballet, where every movement, pause, and tug on the cuffs creates a choreography of passion and desire.
Elevate the dance of intimacy with a touch of luxury. With the Mercer Padded Leather Ankle Cuffs, you're not just exploring boundaries but transcending them in style.

Featuring  a distinctive Two-Tone Design - A rich palette awaits you. Select from an array of colors that perfectly represent your desires.

Caress in Restraint - Delicately padded interiors ensure that every touch blends control and comfort, wrapping the wrist in seductive luxury.

Handmade in Atlanta - Each cuff is meticulously crafted by a skilled leather artisan, ensuring you a piece as unique as your passion.


2” in height
Fits ankles 9” to 13”


Cowhide leather and soft, supple lambskin leather lining.

Care Instructions

Follow the manufacturers care instructions. Generally, leather can be cleaned when necessary using a warm damp cloth. If using conditioner or waxes, always test a small area first.

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