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LELO Beads Luxe - Stainless Steel

LELO Beads Luxe - Stainless Steel

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LELO Beads Luxe offers the same irresistible pleasure as the world's bestselling Ben Wa balls in a luxuriously decadent package.

Worn internally, the internal weights respond to the body's movements with a gentle swirling to slowly build up to a state of intense arousal. Discreet and battery-free, the 47-gram, stainless steel weights can be worn individually or together within their matte black silicone harness for the ultimate foreplay of for a delicious little secret while outside the bedroom. 

LELO Beads Luxe is available through Special Order only as this product is crafted using such high-end materials. 


Stainless Steel, Silicone


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