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LELO Earl - Stainless Steel

LELO Earl - Stainless Steel

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For refined gentlemen who know that you can't put a price on luxury - or on pleasure. 

Quite simply the most distinguished gentlemen's plug in the world, perfect for personal indulgence and shared pleasure, Earl is available in 24-karat gold and comes with a matching set of 24-karat gold cufflinks. 

Sculpted perfectly for prostate massage and pleasure, this drop of decadence is worth its weight in gold. The elegant curve, the weight and the graduating length make it an outstanding plug, and add to that it's made with one of the world's most luxurious materials, there is nothing else like this anywhere. When added to intercourse, Earl helps to achieve bigger, more intense orgasms time and time again. 

LELO Earl is available through Special Order only as this product is crafted using such high-end materials. 


Stainless Steel


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