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LELO Olga - Stainless Steel

LELO Olga - Stainless Steel

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For those seeking pleasure fit for a queen, Olga is royalty amongst pleasure products. 

Offering the most refined and sophisticated personal pleasure, Olga is beautifully crafted in Stainless Steel for a delicious blend of sensation and luxury. Exclusively for connoisseurs of intimate satisfaction. 

With no seams, this curved pleasure piece features two usable ends for a variety of overwhelmingly indulgent stimulation. It truly is every bit as beautiful to use as it is to behold, and there is nothing else like it in the world. Olga allows users to explore exhilarating temperature play, responding sensually to heat and cold. 

LELO Olga is available through Special Order only as this product is crafted using such high-end materials. 


Stainless Steel


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