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LELO Tor 3

LELO Tor 3

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Experience heightened pleasure with Tor 3, the next-generation app-connected vibrating couples' ring. With an array of pleasure settings and intensities, Tor 3 surpasses its predecessors in delivering unforgettable sensations.

Crafted from smooth and body-safe silicone, it provides a comfortable and secure fit for partners of all sizes. This innovative ring transmits powerful vibrations to both individuals, intensifying pleasure for both partners simultaneously. Take control of your experience by connecting Tor 3 to the LELO app via Bluetooth. This enables personalized customization and enhanced control over the device, allowing you to explore new levels of pleasure together.

Elevate your intimate moments with Tor 3 and unlock a world of pleasure that will leave you both craving for more.



Vibe Modes

Patterns: 8

Levels: 8

Power Source

Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery

Care & Cleaning

Using TOR 3 with hand creams or silicone-based lubricants may make the silicone permanently tacky. TOR 3 is fully waterproof, making cleaning simple. Rinse and spray with LELO Toy Cleaner, then rinse again and allow it to dry. Always clean your TOR 3 thoroughly before and after each use. You can wash the silicone with warm water and antibacterial soap, rinse with clean hot water, and pat dry with a lint-free cloth or towel. Never use cleansers containing alcohol, petrol, or acetone.


1 Year


Overall: 1.84 in x 2.4 in

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