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Liberator Lano Harness

Liberator Lano Harness

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Introducing the Lano Leather Chest Harness - a captivating and alluring piece that demands attention wherever you go.

Whether you're strutting your stuff at the club or exploring intimate moments behind closed doors, this harness is your key to unlock passion and desire. Indulge in the pleasure of three horizontal leather straps expertly crafted by leather artisans. The adjustable sexy collar and chest strap, both secured with alluring buckles, ensure a flawless and seductive fit every time.

Made from robust latigo leather, this one-piece harness features daring nickel-plated accents. Prepare to embrace the world of bondage play as the center O-ring adds the final touch of elegance while serving as a versatile connecting point for leads, ropes, or silky ties. Unleash your deepest desires with open-breasted access to your most erogenous zones. Reinforced hardware offers both durability and style, making this Lano Harness a must-have signature piece for your BDSM wardrobe. Are you ready to captivate hearts and minds while exploring the realms of pleasure? Elevate your experiences with the Lano Leather Chest Harness - an exquisite masterpiece by Liberator Leather.


Underbust: 25.5” - 34”
Collar: 11.75” - 16.25”

Underbust: 34.5” - 45.75”
Collar: 13.75” - 18.75"


Latigo Leather

Care & Cleaning

Follow the manufacturers care instructions. Generally, leather can be cleaned when necessary using a warm damp cloth. If using conditioner or waxes, always test a small area first.

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