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Banana Pants



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Introducing Lippi, a beautifully crafted multi-functional toy that combines the features of a grinder, stroker, and dildo base stimulation cushion.

Made from lusciously soft silicone, Lippi is designed to provide stimulation and cushioning when added to the base of your favorite strap-on dildo. It also serves as a standalone grinder and stroker, delivering pleasurable sensations on its own. With plump protruding lips and a faux clit, Lippi offers a grinding experience against your most sensitive areas, while the snug slit accommodates those with bottom growth. The top features a cavity to hold a bullet vibe for an added buzz, or you can use it as a manual stimulator by sliding your finger inside. The slightly tacky texture on the flat back ensures a secure connection to your dildo base when used with a harness. Whether you prefer to vibe in or vibe out, Lippi lets you choose your pleasure.

Please note that the bullet vibe is not included.




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