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Sexual Intimacy for Women

Sexual Intimacy for Women

A Guide for Same-Sex Couples

Dr. Glenda Corwin

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Sexual Intimacy for Women was written for women who love women and want to keep the sexual passion alive in their relationships. So often lesbian couples let their relationships become about companionship and affection letting their sexual relationship fall to wayside living their relationships platonically. This book celebrates the sexual reasons that were strong enough to propel them through the fears and obstacles of coming out and helps female couples examine the emotional, physical, and psychological aspects of their relationships, with the goal of creating more intimacy.

Exercises and client-based anecdotes from Dr. Corwin's years of experience with same-sex couples help women overcome common issues around orgasm, body image, identity, aging, and parenthood. Dr. Corwin dispels myths, examines the intricacies of female desire, and gives advice to help couples achieve long-lasting, healthy, and fulfilling relationships.








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