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Slow Sex

Slow Sex

The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm

Nicole Daedone

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Now in paperback, a practical guide to improving the pleasure of the female orgasm through the popular practice of Orgasmic Meditation. The truth is that most women do not have satisfying sex lives. Slow Sex can change all that.  This step-by-step guide teaches men and women how to use the growing practice of Orgasmic Meditation to slow down, connect emotionally, and achieve authentic female sexual satisfaction.  The promise: In just 15 minutes every woman can become orgasmic. And, with the right partner and the right technique, that orgasm could last four months! Since 1999, Nicole Daedone has been leading the "slow sex movement" through her popular OneTaste organization, which is devoted to the art and craft of the female orgasm.  Thousands have attended her Slow Sex workshops in order to learn the practice of Orgasmic Meditation (OM): the act of slowing down, tuning in, and experiencing a deeper spiritual and physical connection during sex. Slow Sex reveals the philosophy and techniques of OM and includes a step-by-step, ten-day OM starter program, as well as OMing secrets and exercises for an extended and satisfying female orgasm. The book also includes exercises to help enhance reader's "regular" sex lives, such as Slow Oral for Her, Slow Oral for Him and Slow Sex Intercourse. This book is the argument for intimacy without romance, and for mindfulness as the foundation of pleasure, all with a focus on the female experience.







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